Females These Days

Posted: June 3, 2013 in Uncategorized


So females these days be on some other stuff! These females today are so confused it doesnt make sense. They rather a man to beat them and be controlling rather than a man who loves and cherishes her and correct her when she is wrong in a positive manner… THEN beat it in the right way (lol). These females be like I want a dope boy because he got money and he buy me whatever I want. Well let me tell you if you havnt heard it…THAT MONEY WONT LAST FOREVER. They want that instead of mature, respectful and responsible MAN. But i forgot as you ladies say, GOOD BOYS AINT NO GOOD AND NO FUN…. (If you say so)

Why do you ladies want somebody to control you and “put you in your place” in a way where there are many other RIGHT options to do so? Why dog the person who is the one that will REALLY ride for you and be there always? Instead of being grateful and understanding to the guy who cheats, curse you out and NEVER respects you as a lady should be respected……..THEN when you females are really love, you want a baby thinking the dude gone be in your life forever……YOU GOT THE GAME MESSED UP!! NO BABY WILL KEEP A MAN WITH YOU, MAYBE NEXT LIFETIME… IN THE MEANTIME, SORRRY!!

Also, females QUICK to call a dude THIRSTY for literally just speaking and complimenting her fly as she walks past. Like ladies why cant we compliment you without being called Thirsty and being real uptight about the situation? Females of that kind, i hate em!

Our generation of females is coo-coo for coco puffs smh.. Sometimes I wish I was born in 70’s or 80’s because you could find REAL LOVE. #AndThatsAFact


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