Posted: December 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson is under fire for his racial and anti-gay remarks which led to him being suspended from A&E.

Both comments went viral and led to many heated discussions.

The anti-gay comment: Phil Robertson was saying that homosexuality was sinful and he basically puts the homosexuality people in the same category as terrorist. He also went on to say that as a man, he felt that women and their vagina would have a lot more to offer than a man and his anus. 

The racial comment: Phil Robertson implied that African Americans were happier living under Jim Crow Laws. He says he never saw an African American get mistreated. He says going across the field getting the cotton they were all singing and happy! (UHHH NOT!)

He dont realize that during those time, we got beat and badly mistreated… Did i mention we got hung frequently? CMON PHIL!duck19f-3-web


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