Chris Brown Jailed For 1 Month [[ VIDEO ]]

Posted: March 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

According to reports that were just released, Chris Brown violated 3 internal rules of the rehab facility he was housed in. ONE, he refused a drug test after an outing that was approved by the facility, TWO, he is suppose to stay 2 ft. away from all the women in the facility and he did not and THREE, he bashed the rehab facility during a session which is an ultimate no no.

Chris Brown will now be in jail until April 23rd which is the day he will go to court a hearing of violation of probation. If convicted on that day, he could be sentenced to four (4) years in jail. His D.C. assault case starts on April 23rd.

The judge denied his request on trying to be released and sent elsewhere for treatment but reading a quote in which Chris said “Im good at using guns and knives” , the judge was not having that at all.

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