SlowBucks Member ROBBED During 50 Cents Performance

Posted: June 3, 2014 in Uncategorized


A member of the rap/fashion brand collective SlowBucks was reportedly beaten and robbed onstage while 50 Cent was performing with Fabolous at Hot 97′s Summer Jam 2014 concert on Sunday (June 1). As of now there’s no clear reason as to why the SlowBucks member was beaten, but back in April rapper Trav posted an Instagram photo with SlowBuck and 50′s son, Marquise Jackson, and the rapper purportedly didn’t take too well to it.
In addition, SlowBucks was recently signed to Epic Records by Sha Money XL — Fif’s former manager — so the six degrees of separation is pretty close, but that didn’t seem to slow down the altercation any. In a newly released YouTube video, you can clearly see 50′s entourage kick and punch somebody, and appear with a gold chain afterwards. There are also reports that Fab and others tried to calm the situation down.

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