Soulja Boy & K.Michelle Twitter Fued

Posted: September 24, 2014 in Uncategorized

Check out Soulja Boy and K.Michelle’s twitter fued. The whole thing started when K.Michelle said in an interview that Soulja Boy implied that they had sexual relations.

She said “What you’re not gonna do is lie on my hot pocket,” she said. “When I do something, I say I did it and that’s what it is.”

Here are Soulja Boy’s comments:


K.Michelle replies: “Listen here u d— sucker @souljaboy you’ve never met me a day in your life. GO talk to the transgender in Atlanta you been f—ing,” she wrote. “Also tweet @souljaboy tweet the dudes that ran you out if Atlanta. Tweet ur life away 2night. I’m gonna pay u N dust just like Vh 1 … “Smh @souljaboy you are obsessed with some1 you’ve never met. Sad. Scary. But the whole industry know you like the boy p—-.”

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